Community Emergency Plan

You may have seen recent media coverage of the significant flooding and isolation of communities both nationally and locally which serves to remind us we need to be prepared if an emergency happens that affects our villages.  This may not be flooding but could be heavy snowfall, no electricity or an incident that closes the A12 for a prolonged period.

It is important that we are prepared for situations like this when we may have to help each other until the emergency services can support us.

The parish council is developing a Community Emergency Plan that will explain what will happen in the case of an emergency, who to contact and what to do. To help us prepare the plan we are issuing all households with a survey. This will help to identify resources, skills and equipment that are available to us and also who would be most in need of help during an emergency. 

The survey will be delivered to you by hand on or around 1 March and collected by hand on or around 21 March. Alternatively, you can complete an online copy and email it to the parish clerk, Debbi Tayler, at

The online survey is here:

Emergency Plan Survey